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Valentus was founded in 2014 and has been growing by 35% month over month in gross sales. This is largely attributed to the products selling themselves because, they work! This makes it a great opportunity for people wanting to build an additional line of income by simply sharing great products like these Prevail Beverages! Like most direct sales companies, the earlier you join, the more opportunities present themselves. The Slim Roasts team is committed to you and your future success and can provide training materials and coaching to help make your home-based Valentus business take off! To see if this is the right opportunity for you, watch the short video below and then take a free tour by clicking the link below. We look forward to meeting you and helping you reach your goals, whatever they may be!

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Come join us Today! Valentus is setting records and we’ve only just begun! Such an easy to operate home-based business anyone can do it. Think how refreshing would it be to represent a cutting edge, progressive company that is ACTUALLY designed for average people to create significant financial freedom. Our Team will provide all the assistance you need to succeed, all we need from you is your commitment. We are confident that our team will help show you the path to financial freedom that everyone wants. The rest is up to you to do the daily work that makes your dreams come true.

All you need to do is take the FREE TOUR and decide if the program is right for you.

Valentus has been growing by 35% month on month, Don’t miss this GREAT OPPORTUNITY to live the life you deserve.


Basic Pack



  • SAVE $50

Advanced Pack

  • SAVE $160

Coffee is one of the most lucrative industries in the world. Learn how you can position yourself to earn big with a company that is breaking the mold of traditional business and is helping people lose weight and make money. Valentus is now being recognized all over the world as the next billion dollar giant in both the coffee and the network marketing industries.

Valentus Compensation

There are four incredible ways to get paid in the Valentus compensation plan. You are eligible to start earning money in your very first week and Valentus pays every business builder each and every week!

Get a Jump Start on Your Plan Today!

Valentus launched the ultimate compensation plan with a profit
structure unparalleled by any pay plan in the direct marketing
industry. Four top pay plan experts got together and equipped
Valentus with 7 POWER BONUSES that can help you achieve the
lifestyle of your dreams faster than was ever possible before.

Product Packs

After reviewing all the ways you get paid, Simply select your desired retail package below to get started!  Check the “Become an Independent Rep” option on the order page and a one time activation fee of $20 will be added to your order.  Yes, it is only $20 ONCE to be a rep and earn income!   No monthly membership fees, no web hosting fees, no annual fees etc, just $20 One Time!!

Note, you are not required to inventory any product for resale, that is done direct through the corporate site.  You will always want to be a “product of the products” yourself to share your experiences and also have a small amount of product on hand for sampling and sharing with potential customers.

 PackagesCost (USD)Business Volume (BV)Leadership Rank Benefit

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Basic1 box - $59.9550BVQualified as an Independent Representative (IR)

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Starter3 boxes - $129.95100BVQualified as a Gold IR for the remainder of the month you join, PLUS the entire following month.

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Advanced6 boxes - $199.95150BVQualified as a Platinum IR for the remainder of the month you join, PLUS the entire following month.

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Business Builder16 boxes - $499.95400BVBest and Fastest way to grow your business!
  • Largest Discount on Products
  • Jumpstart your Business to the 4th Leadership Level of Ruby
  • Eligible for Legacy Qualification
  • Personal 1 on 1 Coach
  • Shortcut Option to Emerald Leadership Level

1. Retail Commissions Paid Weekly

25% Commission. All orders from your web site count as personal BV towards your monthly requirement for commissions. To earn retail commissions you must maintain a minimum of 50BV personal volume each month (Monthly Loyalty Purchase optional).

Valentus Preferred Customer Loyalty Reward Program

Preferred customers purchase at wholesale $59.95 (USD) per box on a Monthly Loyalty Purchase. If they refer TWO Preferred Customers who set up and purchase their own Monthly Loyalty Purchase then the referring Preferred Customer’s next month’s scheduled auto-delivery Loyalty Purchase will be FREE !

2. Fast Start (First Order) Bonus Paid Weekly

Helps you get cash flow for your business quickly. You will be paid the following Fast Start Bonus’ on any New customers or New Reps first orders. Subsequent whole packages are commissionable in the Dual Team Cycle structure.

PackagesCost (USD)BVFast Start BonusLegacy BonusDual Team BV Allocation
Basic1 box - $59.9550BV20n/a20BV
Starter3 boxes - $129.95100BV40n/a40BV
Advances6 boxes - $199.95150BV60n/a60BV
Business Builder16 boxes - $499.95400BV100100100BV

3. Legacy Qualification Bonus $100.00 (USD) Paid Weekly Bonus

Earn $200 ($100 Fast start and $100 Legacy bonus) on each new IR you sponsor that starts at Ruby level when you are also at Ruby level! Start there immediately yourself with a Business Builder Package and automatic level upgrade!

This $100.00 (USD) bonus is paid when a new IR you sponsor purchases (or during the same enrollment month upgrades to) a $499.95 (USD) Business Builder Pack, or who has have successfully sold through retail sales the equivalent 400BV amount in their first calendar month).

Your first THREE sponsored Ruby IR’s earn you $100 Fast Start Bonus and qualify you to Legacy Status. Beginning with your FOURTH personally qualified Ruby IR and each thereafter, you will be paid the $100 Fast Start Bonus and an Additional $100 Legacy Bonus!

In addition the extra Legacy bonus will be paid to you on every qualified Ruby IR that you personally sponsor, and any additional Ruby IR’s that are sponsored and qualified by your entire legacy organization down to unlimited levels!

4. Dual Team Cycle Commissions $20.00 (USD) Per Cycle Paid Weekly

The chart below shows the amount of Business Volume (BV) from each of the Product Packages that is calculated in the Dual Team Commission Structure.

PackagesDual Team BV Allocation (First Order Only)Dual Team BV Allocation (Additional Orders)
Business Builder100BV400BV

You cycle every time the computer sees 200BV on your stronger team and 100BV on your lesser team, with a weekly earnings potential of up to $100,000 (USD).  Any BV not used for cycling will carry over to the next week,  you do not lose it!  This is a Non-Flushing System!  The computer will automatically accumulate and store unpaid sales volumes in your team(s) for future commissions calculations.

Rank Achievement Requirements

Leadership Rank Independent Representative (IR)Monthly Loyalty Purchase BV RequiredMinimum # of Personally Enrolled Rank IR'sMinimum Monthly Total BV Lesser LegMinimum Monthly Enroller Tree BV in EACH TEAM LegMonthly Loyalty BV AutoDelivery Option
Silver50BV2 IR's AT 50BVn/a50na
Gold100BV2 Silvers50050100BV
Platinum100BV2 Golds1,000100100BV
Ruby100BV2 Platinums2,000200100BV
Emerald100BV3 Rubies5,000500100BV
Diamond100BV3 Emeralds15,0001,500100BV
Double Diamond100BV2 Emeralds & 1 Diamond30,0003,000100BV
Triple Diamond100BV1 Emerald & 2 Diamonds100,00010,000100BV
Blue Diamond100BV3 Diamonds250,00025,000100BV
Royal Diamond100BV4 Diamonds500,00050,000100BV
Black Diamond100BV5 Diamonds750,00075,000100BV
Crown Diamond100BV6 Diamonds1,000,000100,000100BV
Crown Ambassador100BV7 Diamonds1,500,000150,000100BV

Dual Team Commissions, Maximum Cycle Earnings, Maximum Match Earnings and Car Bonus

RankDual Team Income Cycle ValueMaximum # of Dual Team Cycles per weekof Dual Team Cycles per week Maximum Dual Team Cycle Commissions per week (USD)Maximum Dual Team Match Bonus Commissions per week (USD)Maximum Monthly Car Bonus (USD)
Double Diamond$20200$4,000Unlimited$800
Triple Diamond$20400$8,000Unlimited$1,000
Blue Diamond$20800$16,000Unlimited$1,500
Royal Diamond$201,600$32,000Unlimited$2,000
Black Diamond$202,400$48,000Unlimited$2,000
Crown Diamond$203,500$70,000Unlimited$3,000
Crown Ambassador$205,000$100,000Unlimited$3,000

5. SEVEN Levels Dual Team Matching Bonuses Paid Weekly

This bonus is earned on the Cycle Commissions earnings of all IR’s in your personal enrollment tree, unlimited. Help them to succeed and your paycheck grows also! Valentus encourages and rewards you to help your reps succeed also.

LevelSilverGoldPlatniumRubyEmeraldDiamondBlue DiamondCrown Diamond

6. Enrollment Pool Bonus Paid Monthly

This bonus is earned on the Dual Team Cycle Commissions earnings of all IR’s in your personal enrollment tree, unlimited.

Personally sponsor and qualify (PS&Q) 3 new Ruby IR’s in one qualifying calendar month, and personally produce a Monthly Loyalty Purchase of 100BV for the same calendar month, and you will qualify to earn shares of up to 1% of total company sales for the same qualifying month.

7. Vehicle Bonus Paid Monthly

The Car Bonus is earned beginning at the rank of Diamond, and continues for ranks above, and is paid to the qualified IR beginning after two consecutive months of maintaining this status. For example, if you become a fully qualified Diamond in the month of April, and maintain the qualified rank of Diamond for the month of May, you will receive your first Car Bonus in the month of June.

More Information

Bonus Schedule

Weekly bonuses are paid every Friday, based on the sales of the previous week. Monthly bonuses are paid on the 10th of the following month, based on the sales of the previous month.


This is a Non-Flushing dual team plan! Any unused BV that was not eligible for qualification or used to calculate Dual Team Commissions will continue to accumulate in your left and right teams, and will be used in future sales cycles when the accumulation BV amounts and Dual Team qualifications are achieved. Unused BV that is retained in your left and right teams that has not been utilized after 12 months of inactivity may be subject to a flushing revision, at Valentus Inc.’s discretion.

Rank Advancement

Any rank you achieve in a given week will be activated and paid according to that rank the following week. Any unqualified rank, beginning from the rank of Diamond IR or above, who may have lost their active weekly or monthly Diamond IR or above qualification, will be granted a grace period of 30 days in order to re-qualify and retain their Diamond IR or above rank benefits.